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     By the time their domestic cleaning team had finished working their magic, absolutely everything in my property was spotless. I'm going to be using Carpet Cleaning Company Creekmouth time and time again for all manner of household cleaning jobs.
D. Stefan19/05/2020
     I care for my great aunt and needed a weekly cleaning service for her flat. A neighbour recommended Carpet Cleaning Company Creekmouth, and they have been doing a great job. She likes the cleaning crew and looks forward to their weekly visits. Great company, with kind employees.
Hannah B.20/09/2019
     At the end of each week one usually needs to work on chores and house cleaning alone. I got fed up with the amount of annoying work I needed to do so I figured I could get someone else to help me out. I found Carpet Cleaning Creekmouth via web listings and hired them. They turned out to be a great choice, letting me enjoy my weekends outside without choking on dust.
     My flat is quite large, so when CreekmouthCarpetCleaners send me only two cleaners for a 2 hour cleaning job, I didn't think they could clean everything. But as it happened, they were quite hardworking and dedicated and worked tirelessly to manage to clean the entire apartment in 2 hours. All the surfaces were wiped down, the kitchen was grease free and even the cobwebs had been removed. I was immensely pleased at the quality of work I received and I am definitely going to use them again!
     I have found that having events in various locations means that it can be pretty unpredictable as to how the clean up process will be. However, with most of the nights that I put on, you need to have a consistent team to sort out the clean up, and I have always used CreekmouthCarpetCleaners for the job. No matter the venue, no matter the mess, and no matter the time of night, they have impressed me consistently, which is why I feel it well worth writing about them on here! Very highly recommended.
Cheryl Butler31/07/2014
     I've used a few different cleaning services from CreekmouthCarpetCleaners before but I have to say that I couldn't be happier with their upholstery cleaning service! I use this cleaning company because of the high standard of cleaning that they always manage to deliver, and I certainly wasn't disappointed with their upholstery cleaning! I had my sofa cleaned and the process was very fast and very efficient. The service is great value for money too, which I always appreciate! I'll definitely be calling again and I've recommended the service to all of my friends too! Definitely give this company a go if you haven't already!
Daniel N.08/07/2014

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